IPM Kanpur


“History is the greatest teacher for all mankind”. Strengths of an instituition can be gauged from its roots. An instituition having firm base & long standing,achieves the postion of envy for others, where as, they find themselves to be very lonely with no comparable existing instituitions. “Rome was not build in a day” – as the saying goes, and so are the instituitions are built, created and developed over a period of time and those who pass the test of time make the impact on society for which they are established.

All the great instituions have some common features- and ever onward attitude a self belief, think postive for welfare of society, be honest, and a commitment to excel in whatever they do.

The IPM established over 39 years back have time tested tradition & the attitude that touches the sensibilities of an individual who comes in contact with it. Rich traditions & value system created at the IPM over years gets reflected in the work culture, ethos & values inculcated among its alumni, employees & associates. It has taken almost a generation to create a niche for itself that the IPM today is considered to be among one of the best management institutes imparting quality education.

We do not live in past & be shackled by the old norms & values but are future savvy. The inherent ability to recognize the challanges of the future the institute has a system to respond to these challenges head on by adapting in the present to face the challenges of tomorrow.

As we visualize IPM to be the best management institute in the country tomorrow, we work towards our goal by creating human assets for the industry & business, such that they are not misfit to seek opportunities presented by future.

A look ahead approach, a futurist perspective & a reslove to perform the best that is what makes IPM stand apart from others.

A dream was envision, a mission was set to achieve, & a consistent objective oriented agenda set 31 years ago is now proving to be the beacon for others to follow. What we do today others will be trying to do the same after five years. That’s what make IPMities not five but ten steps ahead of others.